Using the Toolbar

Located at the top of each page you will find the Toolbar which allows you to navigate through the site using the following buttons:

  • Home returns you to the Home page from anywhere in the database.
  • Browse takes you to the Browse All Works page. Submenu links on any Browse screen will take you to the other browse categories.
  • Search takes you to the Advanced Search screen.
  • Help opens the Table of Contents for the help file.

On the right of the toolbar, there is a Browse drop-down which allows you to jump to any browse category. The search box on the right of the toolbar allows you to perform a Quick Search of text, titles, and authors of all works found in the authenticated database.

As you explore the database, a breadcrumb trail of links will appear below the main toolbar (For example, Search >> Results >> Full Text). You can use the links in this breadcrumb trail to return to previous steps in your searching or browsing.