Browse All Works

Browse All Works includes every book title in the collection listed alphabetically in the Title column. The table also lists the Author, Publisher, Publication Date, and the title of the Volume in which the book was reprinted. Click on a work title to see the Table of Contents and book metadata. Clicking on an author of that work will take you to details about that author.


You can sort your results by any column by clicking on that column heading. There is an A-Z list at the top of the table that allows you to sort your results by a particular letter. If, for example, you only want to see works by publishers beginning with the letter D, click on the Publisher column and then on the letter D on the alpha wheel. If a letter is not hyperlinked there are no results in the database beginning with that letter. The All option shows all titles in the database.

You can limit the titles you see to Primary or Secondary works by selecting among the radio buttons at the top of the browse list.

If you want to search within the columns listed, enter a search term in the Find field above the table, choose the field you'd like to search on, and click Go. To return to the full Browse list, click Reset. A new search will automatically search all works.