Browse Authors

Browse All Authors lists all of the authors alphabetically by last name. Click on the Author's name to find details about that author at the top of the page and his/her works in the database listed at the bottom of the page. The Items column holds the number of works for each author listed. Click the number shown to see the titles by that author.


You can limit your list of authors by using the drop-down boxes at the top of the screen. The more selections you make using the drop-down boxes, the more you will limit your results. For example, selecting Nationality: United States and Ethnicity: Cuban will only show Cuban-American authors. Click the reset button to return to all Authors again.

To the right of the drop-down options, you will see the Find Name field where you can search for an author's name. Simply enter a name and click Find. To begin another search, click Reset and start again.

An A-Z list allows you to sort author names by a particular letter. If the letter is not hyperlinked there are no Authors in the database beginning with that letter. The All option shows all Authors in the database.