Search Tips

Tip 1: Leave the fields you don't want to search blank. No single field is required.

Tip 2: Use the keyword field to search across all fields.

Tip 3: Word order, case and punctuation are ignored. For example, Jacob Mendelssohn may be entered Mendelssohn, Jacob.

Tip 4: Keep searches simple and specific. For example, to find a Washboard band, you only need to enter: washboard.

Tip 5: Try double-checking your spelling before giving up a search.

Tip 6: When using the Advanced Search interface, try to use the most appropriate term box for your search.

Tip 7: Enter terms in the singular, e.g. "dog" not "dogs"

Tip 8: If your advanced search produces no results, try using a Boolean 'OR' search instead and reducing the number of search terms entered.