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Lives of the Great Romantics I: Shelley, Byron and Wordsworth by their Contemporaries, Vol. 3: William Wordsworth, ed. by John Mullan, Chris Hart, and Peter Swaab. (London, England: Pickering & Chatto, 1996). 541pp.
Editor/Translator: Hart, Chris, fl. 1996; Mullan, John, fl. 1996; Swaab, Peter, fl. 1990-2013
Editor/Translator Alternative Name: Chris Hart; John Mullan; Peter Swaab
Primary/Secondary: Primary
Document Type: Non-Fiction
Genre: Biographical Writings
Abstract: This edition brings together some of the most influential and fascinating memoirs of Shelley, Byron and Wordsworth, all written by nineteenth-century biographers with first-hand knowledge of their subject, collected here in facsimile for the first time.

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