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Anon, Newgate Walls (c. 1820s): NEWGATE WALLS, by Anonymous Author. In Newgate Narratives, Vol. 1: General Introduction and Newgate Documents, ed. by Gary Kelly. (London, England: Pickering & Chatto, 2008). pp.283-[284]
Author: Anonymous Author of Newgate Walls, fl. 1820
Author Alternative Name: Anonymous Author of Newgate Walls
Primary/Secondary: Primary
Document Type: Poetry
Genre: Poetry

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IT was on one summer's morning fair,
The sun shone bright the sky looked clear,
The sun shone bright on Newgate walls,
Away away our turnkey calls

From the start we did set out,[note]
Down Ludgate hill without fear or doubt
As Blackfriars we did pass by,
There's no mail coach with us could come nigh

At Greenwich town we made no long stay,
But down the River we bore away,
With aching hearts at Sheerness we lay,[note]
Waiting to sail to Botany bay.[note]

We had scarcely set one foot on land,
Before a shovel was put in our hand,
A shovel and a wheelbarrow too,
Which caused our poor hearts to rue.

They asked us from whence we came,
We told them from Horsemonger Lane[note]
Then serve your king and country true,
And we'll behave like a friend to you.

Now my seven years[note] is gone and past,
And I'll return to my favourite lass
Fill up your glasses you sons of glee
And drink success to sweet liberty.

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